Yeah, WordPress rocks and all — but it’s a platform that can sometimes make it hard to find just what you’re looking for...

So here’s my blog, broken up into neat and tidy (and sometimes bizarre) bite-size blobs. Just in case you’re looking for something specific, that is.

So poke around — or strategically stalk the info you’re specifically seeking. Totally up to you!

(Titles below are links.)

My Bat-Shit Crazy Divorce (in chronological order):

  1. How my marriage ended with a brick (And no, that’s not me being cute. Or even symbolic. Literally. With a brick. Seriously…You can’t make this sh*t up…) – this is the post that started my blog — and started my journey toward divorce…
  2. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … Super Divorcée!
  3. Is She Hot?
  4. What (or rather, “Who”) is Me 2.0?
  5. You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up, Part 1
  6. You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up, Part Dos
  7. A Blog for a Blog?
  8. How I Became a Scrabble Whore
  9. Didn’t You See the Signs?
  10. Most Likely to Succeed … at Divorce?!?!
  11. Oh I’m Sorry … Am I Blogging Too Loudly? (the post that explains how/why my ex is suing me — in part to stop my blog)
  12. Didn’t THEY See the Signs?
  13. An Open “Dear John” Letter (on behalf of jilted ex-spouses everywhere…)
  14. Parallel Parenting Part 1: Button, Button…Who’s Got the Button (Eyes)?
  15. Parallel Parenting Part Pooh. Oops, I Mean, Part Two: Crossing the Line
  16. I Spy with My Little Eye…a Blog Stalker?!?! (I call out my ex’s new wife, who left 5 different comments under 5 different identities on my blog — all the while suing me to stop my blog.)
  17. Are You There, Justice? It’s Me, Mikalee.
  18. Silence is Golden. (If by “Golden,” you mean, “Crap.”)
  19. Pregnant?!?!
  20. Man! I Feel Like a Woman (with a Big-Time Confession to Make…)
  21. Six Degrees of Mikalee Byerman

Posts Garnering National Attention:

  1. Audacity, thy name is…Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla (this was the post that earned me 4,086 hits. In one day…)
  2. Wait — How Exactly Did I Get Here Again? (this post explains how TIME Magazine linked to my blog — and introduced me to a whole new kind of reader…)
  3. Dear Universe: Can You Hear Me Now? (the post that explains how Diet Coke found me — and graced me with presents!)
  4. Dear Universe (The Addendum): Oops. My Bad… (Diet Coke rights what is wrong — and San Francisco State University writes what is wrong with my blog!)

“You Can’t Make this Shit Up” Musings from my Bat-Shit Crazy Life:

  1. On Broken Penises…and Broken Promises: A Treatise
  2. The Curious Case of Boyfriend Brett and the Missing Mojo
  3. You Have an (Arti)Choke-Hold on My Heart, Valentine
  4. My Big Fat Poop Wedding
  5. Could I Be the Next Bachelorette?
  6. Hey Divorce, I Found Your Groove. But I’m Not Giving it Back…
  7. The Adventures of Hive Boy and Writer Girl 
  8. Our Visit with the (Hooker) Ghost of Christmas Past…
  9. Shit My Car Stereo Says

Holidays are Meant for … Blogging?!?!

  1. You Have an (Arti)Choke-Hold on My Heart, Valentine
  2. Best. Holiday. EVER!
  3. Happy Thanks(not)giving: Embracing an Attitude of Ingratitude…
  4. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, My Blog Friends Got to See: This Post.
  5. Things That Make You Go…Huh? Wha? Seriously? (Christmas edition)
  6. Making a List. Checking it Twice. Gonna Find Out Whom I’d Like to Poison with Cyanide-Laced Egg Nog…
  7. Jesus is My Trash Man: A Christmas Story (Sans Secret Ovaltine Message…)

9 thoughts on “Archives

  1. gret says:

    sputter sputter! but but!
    it has been ears, MB!
    the mysterious silence? the suggestion of
    dire events. Why am I thinking
    Handcuffs are the New Bricks?
    Dare I say fill in the blank(S)?
    I thought you had forgotten us, and out of the depths of quarantine- an email.
    What gives?

    • Mikalee Byerman says:

      I know, I know. The last few years have definitely left me reeling, trying to pick up pieces and just focusing on my kids. But I feel a stirring, like so many things have been left unsaid. And I hate unsaid things! So yes, handcuffs are the new brick for sure, and I promise there will be further explanation. But until then, please know I’ve missed you all!

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