Feedback from speaking engagements: 

“Mikalee- I really loved your presentation, it was fun, funny, engaging and so so true! Thank you for entertaining and inspiring us!”

Lisa Delaney, Senior PR Strategist, Bastion Elevate, Los Angeles
AAF Western Region Conference, Sacramento

“Ask my mom to speak more often; she’s brilliant, beautiful and a bright ball of light and she KILLED today!”

Dylan Dahle, womb evacuee and all-around brilliant human

“Hi Mikalee, your talk has my brain buzzing. The bit about science showing that we are more able to learn when we feel happy and safe is so important and not very widely accepted, it would seem. I think you are a great messenger of the power of happiness because you’re not one of these unrelatable, chronically happy people that are more than likely hiding some deep wounds…Super interesting. Thank you for doing it!”

Andy Jorgensen, Information Technology Lead, SkyDrop

“Best NCET presentation I’ve ever been to.”

Matt Breslow

“I sincerely mean it when I said you’re an excellent speaker. You could read the phone book and make it appealing and compelling!”

Dave Archer, former president and CEO, NCET

Feedback about my debut book, “100 Things to Do in Reno Before You Die”:

New to town feedback

“I have two 18 year old boys…err…men? staying with us for a few days from Lubbock, TX. When they arrived on Thursday night my husband and I were telling them about the area and I pulled out your book and said, ‘If you get bored at any point you might want to check out 100 Things to Do in Reno before You Die. Bryce reluctantly opened the book and said, ‘Wow, this is great. I’m not really a reader but this is so easy to look at.’ Soon they wanted to know more about the climbing wall at the Whitney and all kinds of things. It was a good way to spark conversation between my husband and I and the ‘kids.’ So THANK YOU Mikalee for bridging generation gaps with your fabulous guide to Reno!
~ Corrine C., Reno