Meet Mikalee

Crazy tall. A type-A grammar geek. The proud mother of two amazing souls who both can say the 50 states in alphabetical order in about 30 seconds flat (because I can, too). A woman with serious, deep-seated insecurities because I can’t roll my tongue like a taco.

But not in that order.

Now, maybe you’re more interested in what I do professionally. And that’s easy to summarize in two words: I write. I write about being crazy tall, tongue insecurities and all manner of topics. I write funny, I write serious — doesn’t matter, as long as I’m writing.

So maybe I lied, because I just thought of four more words that describe me professionally: I rock at editing. Whether it’s proofreading for grammar/spelling, checking for AP Style or editing for content, I’m your girl.

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