Hi. Your eyes are all sparkly today! I love the way they’re reading these words.

Do you get the sense that I’m trying to prepare you for some bad news? Good instinct. Here goes…

You have a serious business problem.

But you’re in the right place, because I’m a marketing and leadership consultant who will help you fix it.

Because by “serious business problem,” I mean serious business problem. As in, your business is too serious. Research shows leaders who lean into levity have higher-performing teams, and marketing that is perceived as “human” and “real” (and maybe even a little funny) produces tangible results.

I’m a humor strategist, which I promise is not an oxymoron. And I’m here to sparkle your marketing, spark creativity at work and help you tap into your genuinely delightful business self.

Oh, and because you might be curious: My name rhymes with Prickly Fireman. Though keep in mind, I’m neither grumpy nor particularly adept at fire suppression.

Just FYI.

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