I heart symbols! (and this one totally rocks…)


OK, so no superheroes in this post. No bricks, either. Just the best damn symbol EVER.

I found this GIANT eraser at a local Dollar Tree while searching for authentic toga gear for Boyfriend Brett — and yes, I was as surprised as you to learn a good kegger-worthy-toga necessitates more than simply a sheet. Seriously…type in “make your own toga” on Google, and you’ll be inundated with YouTube videos, step-by-step instructionals, blog posts addressing the topic…you name it!

Anyhow, I digress. Perhaps more on that in a later post, but when I found these giant erasers, I wanted to buy a shitload.

(And that’s a whole bunch, in case you’re wondering. In technical terms, I think it comes out to 4,533 — give or take.)

How many of us hasn’t wished for a giant eraser that might eradicate our most notable mistakes? I know I have — but mine would need to be man-sized (6’3″, to be exact…).

So tonight I’m furiously researching and writing a GIANT story for Southwest Airlines Magazine (and with any luck, I won’t be in need of a GIANT eraser to help craft/edit this bad boy). But in the interest of procrastination (which I’m labeling “organization,” because I couldn’t possibly concentrate without checking a few items off my to-do list, like this week’s blog post), I wanted to share this image with you all.

And if you know anyone who is going through a divorce, or has had a bad day, or recently took the time to acknowledge some substantial mistakes in his/her life: Head to Dollar Tree. These puppies won’t last, especially after I buy my shitload.



7 thoughts on “I heart symbols! (and this one totally rocks…)

  1. Sarah Een says:

    Saw Marilyn’s blog and pic, she totally looks Mansonic..oh and she also is arrogant, doesn’t spell well and tries to justify her actions. Her Post is offensive to anyone and is clearly a case of justification, but you can’t justify and you can’t have it both ways. Her pain is brought on by her and as my friends from SD would say, “I am not even trying to hear that, bitch!” Hope her new love doesn’t dump her like he did with his ex-wife of many years, these things are a pattern. What a joke, and a bad one at that..Keep writing, Mikalee, shit, after seeing her lame bog I would write double time, but that’s just me, I have a mental shit-list that is miles long..

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